【Cooperation process for LeStore TV】

【First release cooperation】

1. Apply for qualification
•    Exclusive first release: This means in the exclusive release period, the app will only be distributed, published and updated in LeStore, and distribution through other channels can only take place after this exclusive release period.
•    Joint first release: This means the app can be distributed and updated through LeStore as well as other channels in the app's first release period.
•    First release applicability and requirements: All apps uploaded to LeStore can apply for a first release with the latest version containing new features or exclusive content. A first release is available to one app once every 15 days.

2. First release process


3. Materials required for CP
(1). TV:
a. Desktop portal: 540 x 370


b. Loading page: 1280 x 720


c. Home focus map: 439 x 545


Note: All first release materials must contain words "exclusive first release" or "first release" (for joint first release).
(2). Social materials:
a. Images: 900 x 500 (app screenshots, introduction posters, etc.)
b. Text introduction: 800-1000 characters (app introduction, operation instructions, user experience, etc.)
First release forecast: Announce the upcoming first release 2-5 days in advance.
Prized event: If CP could provide app's merchandising, joint first release is possible.
Eco synergy: Collaborate with other business lines to use their celebrity Weibo accounts to post or repost the app content.
(3). Marketing:
[LeMe Community]
a. Large image on homepage: 800 x 300 px, <100 KB
b. Mobile end: 500 x 200 px, <30 KB
c. Event location: 380 x 182 px
[PR marketing]
a. App screenshots: 4-5 images (with LeStore logo)
b. App introduction: 100-200 characters
c. Key cooperation points (e.g. content customized for LeStore)
Note: All images above should be with a width of 900 or more px.

[Business cooperation]

Please contact the appropriate business contact. Click here to view.
We will reply via email within two working days regarding the approval result.