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[Business cooperation - phone]

Phone apps:

Hua Yu, QQ: 1438438250, email:

Phone apps - first launch/event cooperation:

Chen Xiao, QQ: 1330844455, email:

Phone apps - business distribution:

Tan Yangliu, QQ: 764129910, email:

Phone games - North China:

Xu Yifan, QQ: 78781618, email:

Phone games - Central China:

Zhao Xueyuan, QQ: 840748605, email:

Phone games - South China:

Li Zhe, QQ: 32214544, email:

Phone games - Southwest China:

Xiao Yuanyuan, QQ: 3277746467, email:

Phone games - standalone games:

Li Bolun, QQ: 295598744, email:


[Business cooperation - TV]

TV - apps:

Geng Nan, QQ: 65204468, email:

TV - console games:

Zhao Jiahui, QQ: 290214130,   email:

TV - accessory games:

Yang Qinxiu, QQ: 912136442, email:

TV - smart accessories:

Yao Meng, QQ: 852408240,     email:


[Business cooperation - car]

Car - business cooperation:

Geng Nan, email:

Car - app submission:

Jiang Hongling, email:


[Business cooperation - VR]

VR - business cooperation:

Xiao Yuanyuan, email:


[Developer services email]


[QQ group for developer communications]

QQ group 1 for phone developers: 242837527 (full)
QQ group 2 for phone developers: 117968858
QQ group for TV developers: 240180004
QQ group for phone game SDK communications: 217317455


[Official WeChat account]

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