[Co-operated Phone Game SDK]

Please create an app on LeEco Open App Platform and get the AppKey, AppID and SecretKey. After getting the corresponding values, you need to combine them based on our integration document. Note: You are suggested to access LeEco Open App Platform using Firefox or Chrome.

Note: To access the phone SDK, please contact our business team to confirm the cooperation first.


LeEco Phone Game SDK V2.2.1


Last updated: 6/16/2016

Update content

  • Optimized login logic
  • Optimized user experience
  • Fixed known bugs

LeEco Phone Game SDK V2.2.0

Last updated: 5/27/2016

Update content

  • Added WeChat for recharging and payment
  • Added virtual coin and its security protection
  • Added transaction record for recharging and spending
  • Added the bank card binding and unbinding features
  • Improved the account SDK's product logic and interaction process such as user login, account switch
  • Added in-game recommendations and force update feature
  • Optimized product functionality, logic and user experience
  • Optimized CP-oriented integration method and fixed bugs

LeEco Phone Game SDK V1.2.2

Last updated: 2/19/2016

Update content

  • Added the game coupon feature
  • Added the inbox feature
  • Optimized the login experience
  • Optimized the coding structure and logic
  • Fixed some issues

LeEco Phone Game SDK V1.1.1

Last updated: 11/30/2015

Update content

  • Added the exit pop-up feature
  • Added LeEco splash screen and corner logo
  • Optimized the login process
  • Optimized the operational announcement feature

LeEco Phone Game SDK V1.1.0

Last updated: 9/29/2015

Update content

  • Added debit card payment
  • Added notification function
  • Optimized the account system logic
  • Optimized the SDK UI
  • Added support for more third-party devices
  • Reconstructed the coding

LeEco Phone Game SDK V1.0.2

Last updated: 8/4/2015

Update content

  • Optimized UI controls to better suit ecophone
  • Deduplicated and displayed existing accounts
  • Unified the UI display of system account and other accounts
  • Optimized a crashing issue of the blank login account page
  • Optimized an issue where clicking the payment agreement caused crash

LeEco Phone Game SDK V1.0Last updated: 6/19/2015

Function list

  • ecophone login
  • Payment