【First release rules and process in LeStore Mobile】

I. First release type
1.    First release of new app: This means app that hasn't been released in any app markets.

a. Great UI interaction and user experience;
b. Great and substantial content;
c. Innovative and unique;
d. The app meets some users' needs well.

2. First release of updated app: This means app version that hasn't been released in any app markets.
The updated app needs to meet all the requirements of the update, at the same time, there need to be obvious improvements in UI interaction, function experience and app content. Basic function optimization and bug fixing cannot serve as selection criteria for first release (apps with great quantity of distributions can be treated differently).


II. First release forms
1.    Exclusive first release: This means in the exclusive release period, the app will only be distributed in LeStore Mobile, and distribution through official websites and other channels can only take place after this exclusive release period.
2.    Joint first release: This means the app can be distributed and updated through LeStore as well as other channels in the app's first release period.

III. First release rules
1.    For the benefits of users, LeStore tentatively adopts the first release + benefits event mode. In this mode, when the developer applies for free recommendation space for first release, they need to submit corresponding app benefits event which should start within one month after first release. Failure to submit the benefits event promptly will affect the next run of first release.
2.    First release needs to be applied for at least 5 days in advance. We will email your the approval result in 3 working days.
3.    The first release event will last for 1-2 days.
4.    One single app can apply for only one first release in one calendar month.
5.    If there are any time changes, please inform the appropriate BD person at least one day in advance to avoid wasting of the recommendation space.

IV. Application format
[First release application form]
• Email subject: First release application - "app name" - first release time
• Email body:

1. App name + package name + first release version number:
2. App's download link in LeStore: (for new app, write N/A; you can view the download link by sharing the app in LeStore)
3. App category: (Please refer to frontend app categories in LeStore; log in to the open platform, click the app name in the app list to enter the detail page where you can view the app category)
4. First release form: exclusive/joint (for joint first release, please specify the joint channels)
5. First release date applied for: (applications for first release on non-working days will not be accepted currently)
6. First release resource support:
7. Required: The splash screen must contain LeStore Mobile logo and "exclusive first release" text or LeStore Mobile full-screen promotion image, and the time shouldn't be less than 2 seconds (determined based on the communications with CP); promotion on Weibo and WeChat; recommending LeStore Mobile in app's recommendation zone, recommendation space on official website
8. Optional: (Event, PR promotion, traffic exchange, brand exposure; the resource spaces will be optimized accordingly)
9. Update log: (For new app, please write detailed description)
10. New version's first release APK: (Send as attachment; if the file is too large to send, please provide a download link. The first release APK can be beta package with bugs, but it must contain the functions described in the update log)
11. Test account: If the app contains signup and login, please provide corresponding test account
12. Contact information: Company name, name, QQ, tel.

Note: If the application email doesn't contain test package or its download link, update log, time applied for or the joint channels (if any), the time applied for doesn't meet the application rules, the first release time is on non-working days, the application will be directly rejected.
Click here to download LeStore logo and text

V. First release process
1. Both parties should communication in advance to confirm the first release or event. [Both parties]
Communicate the first release, event time, event scope. You should be able to match up the brand exposure for the first release.
Please check that your app meets our requirements for first release. For details, see app requirements.
2. Evaluate and rate the cooperation. [LeEco]
The operation team and the business team will rate the app based on app quality and event's scope and cooperation degree respectively. The recommendation space will vary based on the grade. Event, traffic exchange and brand promotion are pluses for the recommendation space.
3. For different grades, the operation team will provide different space arrangements. The business team will inform you of the time and space arrangements. [LeEco]
4. Submit the materials related to the first release or event one day in advance [You]
Things to prepare one day in advance:

a. First release app.
b. Change detailed app description to event copydeck for interaction with users.
c. Prepare the required material banner in advance and submit to use. If banner space is available, we will inform you of the size and quantity requirements in advance.
d. Please confirm that your app has been normally released by the closing time. If not, contact the person in charge, and they will check whether there are errors with the release process. Failure to do so will affect the editorial recommendation on the next day.
e. If there are any ad spaces, app recommendation module or similar modules, LeStore's competitors cannot be mentioned.

5. After first release or event start, you should cooperate with us for promotion. [You]. Please send the marketing screenshots to the appropriate contact.
• Send screenshots of splash screen and marketing (such as Weibo) with LeStore logo for our filing.
• This includes Weibo, WeChat, forum, PR articles, in-site banner promotion, etc.

VI. Business contacts
Please email the application form to the appropriate business contact.