【Co-operated TV Game SDK】

Please create an app on LeEco Open App Platform and get the AppKey, AppID and SecretKey. After getting the corresponding values, you need to combine them based on our integration document. Note: You are suggested to access LeEco Open App Platform using Firefox or Chrome.

Note: To access the TV SDK, please contact our business team to confirm the cooperation first.
LeEco TV SDK V2.0.4

Last updated: 9/19/2016

Update content

  • UI improvement;
  • Added image ad and video ad modules;
  • Optimized network request;
  • Fixed some bugs.

LeEco TV SDK V1.0.1

Last updated: 5/23/2016

Update content

  • Changed account logic, fixed the issue where the account couldn't be updated when logging in to the game after account switch;
  • Fixed the issue where the prices were wrongly displayed on the LeDiamonds spending page;
  • Fixed the issue where QR code obtaining errors resulted in non-tappable buttons on the page;
  • Fixed the wrong prompt issue when checking LeDiamonds balance;
  • Fixed the issue where no callback status code was present when calling the payment API when not logged in;
  • Changed the .so file loading manner to adapt to phones;
  • Removed prompts for some interfaces and added prompts for payment.
  • Added payment method recommendation text and image.



LeEco TV SDK V1.0.0

Last updated: 4/8/2015

Function list

  • Added membership purchase portal;
  • Added LeDiamonds as payment method;
  • Added LeDiamonds purchase portal.